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The First Presentation of Benka's Autobiography
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 14. november 2007
Benka Pulko presented her new bestseller, the autobiography or 'life travelogue' entitled Pocestnica, at the Town Hall in Ljubljana. In true Benka style, the evening was bold, ingenious, witty and wrapped in surprises. The most notable being the wine tasting, which allowed the audience to walk through Benka’s life one glass at a time. Originating from the Ptuj Cellar, the vintages corresponded with the dates of several milestones along her way. The wines were from 2002, when she returned home, one from 1997, when she started her journey, and one 1967 white pinot for the year she was born.

The tasting was paired with a discussion between Mario Galunič and Benka about affairs of the road. The conversation was entertaining, challenging, laughter provoking and even exposed some previously unknown items in Benka’s traveling bag.

Excerpts from Pocestnica were read by established radio personality Boštjan Romih, luminary of Slovene journalists Mitja Meršol and even the newly elected President of Slovenia, Danilo Türk, who expressed his respect and admiration of the author’s work. The evening with Pocestnica was hearty, sincere, open and truly unforgettable.


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