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07/04/2010        Benka With His Holiness the Dalai Lama
15/03/2010        "Dve ciklami" are Now Blooming on the Stage
01/02/2010        Black and White Rainbow
04/01/2010        Roaming the World’s Markets from Home
04/07/2009        An International Award for "Dve ciklami" (Two Cyclamens)
07/05/2009        Benka's "Faces of the World" in Celje Region
18/03/2009        Benka's Foundation Works for Slovenian Students
01/03/2009        "Dve ciklami" Inspires Young Readers
01/12/2008        Readers of Primorska Thrilled With "Pocestnica"
24/11/2008        First Children's Book from Benka's Pen
24/10/2008        The Republic of Slovenia Award to Pocestnica
17/09/2008        Wall Book for 2009
15/09/2008        Primorska has Read and Made its Choice
18/08/2008        Benka in Prison
30/07/2008        Benka's Autobiography in Braille
09/06/2008        At the Top of the Slovenian Library Charts
05/06/2008        "Pocestnica" Wins the Literature Festival Anabdi
04/06/2008        Benka in the School Books
23/04/2008        Benka’s World Book Day Donation
03/04/2008        Additional Support to Those in Need
18/03/2008        Benka at the Senior Citizens' Center
03/03/2008        Auspicious Success of Humanitarian Fund
25/01/2008        Benka and "Pocestnica" at the Barn
15/01/2008        "Pocestnica" - The New Slovene Bestseller
28/11/2007        "Pocestnica" at the 23th Slovenian Book Fair
16/11/2007        New Calendar "Children of the World 2008" Just Out
15/11/2007        Opening of the Photo Exhibition "Faces of the World"
14/11/2007        The First Presentation of Benka's Autobiography
11/10/2007        Benka Around the World Again
08/10/2007        Benka's Autobiography Released
01/09/2007        Charity Auction of Famous Slovenians’ Belongings
25/03/2007        Celebration of 100th Episode of "Home Again"
31/01/2007        Award for Website Excellence
07/12/2006        2007 Guinness Book of World Records
30/11/2006        Auction of Slovene Mandalas for Tibetan Kids
11/10/2006        Benka Pulko on State Portal of the Republic of Slovenia
28/09/2006        Believe in Yourself & Kickstart the World
18/04/2006        Reference for BMW Brand
14/04/2006        Motorcycle Safety Campaign
10/11/2005        Paolo Coelho and Benka Pulko in Ljubljana
06/11/2005        Jewels of the World
21/08/2005        The Extreme Champions Academy
10/11/2004        Charity Calendar - Children of the World
11/10/2004        International Federation of Photographic Award
29/09/2004        Honorary Ambassador Children's Festival
28/08/2004        Benka Listed in the 2005 Guinness World Records
23/04/2004        The Table in Burghausen, Germany
20/04/2004        Reinhold Messner and Benka Pulko Meet on Roznik
09/04/2004        Most Read Books in Slovene Libraries
25/01/2004        The Most Popular Slovenes
11/01/2004        Woman of the Year 2003
25/11/2003        Winning the Most Prestigious Book Prize
11/07/2003        Chain Gang Establishes "Benka Award"
10/12/2002        Final Press Release
09/12/2002        Approaching the End of the Journey


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