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Award for Website Excellence
Ljubljana, 31. january 2007
At the conclusion of 2007's Net Conference, Planet GV awarded the prize for web excellence, the Izidor 2007. For the third consecutive year, candidates for Best Slovenian Web Project were chosen by popular vote. This time over 5,000 internet users cast their ballots and the honor went to the site you are currently reading, BenkaPulko.com.

Benka was surprised and delighted: “The prize was the recognition of perseverance, great work and the collaboration of everyone involved,” she said. The site was designed by Julija Zornik and created by Katarina Iglic and Jernej Utrosa, with other highly skilled programmers from Frontlab and Garage Studio.

This is the third version of Benka's site and as she admits, her favorite: “Full of spirit, love and the best of all.” An international team of 15 professionals from various fields did a marvelous job creating it. Well done, guys! Browse through and find out for yourself.


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