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Readers of Primorska Thrilled With "Pocestnica"
Primorska region, Slovenia, 1. december 2008
As the project "Primorska Reads" concluded, the organizers rewarded the region's dilligent readers with an appearance by Benka at the five participating libraries. The author traveled between wind-blown Ajdovščina, to Sežana with its Teran wine, Izola on the Adriatic coast, the mininig town of Idrija, and snowbound Tolmin in the north.

Benka's Pocestnica ranked at the top of the most frequently read books and received the best reviews. A survey of the readers showed the book to be exceptionally appealing and motivating, with only one complaint – the 316 pages left them hungry for more.

Each evening's attendants witnessed a unique presentation as Benka inspired the participants through her sense of humor, positive attitude, and determination to change the world. Loud rounds of applause an congratulations indicated the crowds appreciation for her way of thinking, writing, and her dedication to humanitarian efforts. They sincerely admitted Pocestnica inspires them to change their lives and infects its audience with optimism like a friendly plague.

Benka was at her best among the people of Primorska, leaving each meeting fulfilled, and happy for the fans she enjoys sharing herself with.


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