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Benka and "Pocestnica" at the Barn
Hrovača, Slovenia, 25. january 2008
As part of a series of literary evenings, author Benka Pulko read from her bestseller Pocestnica in the artistically renovated barn of Škrabec Farm in Hrovača, near Ribnica.

With Pocestnica in hand, Benka took control of the evening and immediately set the capacity crowd to laughing. In his own impish manner, TV host Boštjan Romih did his best to keep up with Benka, even managing to ask a question or two along the way.

Benka's charismatic narrative, along with her unstoppable and contagious fervency, excited the public and provided them an amusing evening.

The gathering wound down as the author signed copies of her book, while everyone enjoyed excellent wine and finger foods in the comfortable atmosphere. "One of my favorite evenings ever", Benka concluded.


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