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Motorcycle Safety Campaign
Ljubljana (Slovenia), 14. april 2006
The Republic of Slovenia's Institute for Physical Rehabilitation every spring organizes a project focusing on the prevention of accidents, injuries, and other types of avoidable trouble.

This season's special program was dedicated to the safety of motorcyclists in traffic. They are one of the most endangered participants in traffic and the extremely high number of accidents and fatalities is still increasing. Unfortunately, too many times the results are on account of their own negligence.

"I have never seen a skier go skiing with no skis. I do not want to see any motorcyclist riding without a helmet either," she summed her statement encouraging all riders, especially the young ones, to respect the regulations and use common sense, especially in traffic.

Benka expressed her opinions to motorcycle enthusiasts about the stupidity of driving with no helmet, riding without proper gear and pushing the speed limits on public roads to those acceptable only on race tracks.

This year's efforts were supported by well known Slovene motorcyclist Benka Pulko, who made the strong and clear appeal to the public to be more tolerant and observant toward motorcyclists.


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