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Paolo Coelho and Benka Pulko in Ljubljana
Ljubljana (Slovenia), 10. november 2005
Famous Brazilian writer, Paolo Coelho visited Slovenia on his current book tour. It was at Koloseum, the largest Slovene book store in heart of the capital city, where he met with one of his most famous fans.

Both high on the bestseller list, she for her book Around the World Following the Sun, he for The Alchemist. The warm encounter resulted in an exchange of autographs before the great crowd of readers.

"My journey was inspired by his alchemy. After learning that Coelho named one of the important figures in his book with my name, that one of his books ended on the same day my journey did, that in one of his books he was writing about women and motorcycles, and that one of the books took place in Slovenia, my homeland, was enough magic. It was more than an ordinary connection between us. We share the belief in dreams. Neither of us believe in the word "if" and we are convinced determination is one of the best characteristics we humans posses."

Coelho, the third best selling author in the world after Dan Brown and J.K. Rowling, was fascinated with Benka's book: "Her photographs are incredible!"


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