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Charity Calendar - Children of the World
Ljubljana,(Slovenia), 10. november 2004
The world is a friendly playground to be used equally by all children. We would like to share it with those whose families have lost a loved one and whose hearts suffer the great loss.

We are donating 100% of the profit from every calendar sold to the humanitarian association HOSPIC. The funds raised will pay for organising a 4-day workshop to benefit mourning children and youths. We wish to offer them the possibilities of touching each other's hearts and lives, taking strength from sharing their experiences and learning how to express their sorrows.

Sometimes it is just easier to make a racket than cry, harder to show than hide, and easier to stand still than move ahead.

Sharing the company of those who have similar experiences will help with the healing. This workshop is for any child and is free of charge. "Have a heart great for all" is written inside the cover of Benka Pulko's 2005 Calendar. She would like to share her Children of the World with any other Slovene youth in need. This calendar has been well received and has generated great attention, with donations coming from across the business community.

The calender is available in book stores throughout Slovenia.


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