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The Table in Burghausen, Germany
Burghausen (Germany), 23. april 2004
The young contemporary artist Lucia Dellefant placed her latest project into the city park of Burghausen, Germany. "Die Tafel", The Table is a project celebrating the friendship between the two brotherly cities - German Burghausen and Slovenian Ptuj.

This 20 feet long piece of art is constructed with brushed steel supporting the seating area and a tabletop made of white glass. One’s gaze is led through the glass to a metal plate imprinted with three-dimensional writing about the remarkable people from both cities.

As an example, one of the inscriptions is about Benka Pulko and her achievements. The table is a historical document telling the stories, touching the history. It serves as a symbol of togetherness, friendship, communication and connection.

Dellefant's works pertain in particular to public space art, numerous exhibitions have brought her work to the notice of an international public. In her work related travels to many parts of the world, she has broadened her horizon and subjected people, their cultures, and their realities to an intense analysis.


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