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Chain Gang Establishes "Benka Award"
Charleston WV (USA), 11. july 2003
The Chain Gang, an international club of BMW F650 enthusiasts, establishes a new award named after intrepid traveler, dedicated motorcyclist, and world record holder Benka Pulko. The award, to be known as the Benka Mileage Award will be granted exclusively to those riders who have ridden in excess of 100,000 miles (160.000 kilometers) on this particular BMW model.

Steve Johnson, founder and president of the club proudly bestowed the very first award on its namesake, Benka Pulko. In presenting the award Johnson said he hopes that other motorcyclists will be motivated and encouraged to ride hard, far and often.

Pulko acquired most of the mileage while riding the F650 on her 5.5 year journey around the globe. She accepted the award embossed on a beautifully designed patch and emphasized how surprised and honored she was after learning about the Chain Gang's gesture of recognition of her achievements.

On the same occasion another world traveler, Erin Ratay, received her Benka Mileage Award. She rode around the world in the company of her husband Chris, on their F650's. Interestingly, the paths of these three travelers crossed for the first time in Thailand in May of 2000.


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