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Benka's "Faces of the World" in Celje Region
Celje, Slovenia, 7. may 2009

The Gallery of Contemporary Art in Celje, Slovenia was adorned and animated by Benka's Faces of the World, which represent just a segment of her prolific photographic portfolio. At the literary-photographic soiree titled From Eye to Pen, she presented her work as an acclaimed  photographer and an original author.

The author took the caravan of visitors from photo to photo, outlining her view of her travels, people and objects with an extraordinary narrative vividness and empathy. The captivated guests followed Benka's witty storytelling as if they were fellow travelers on her motorbike.

In the literary part of this colourful evening, Benka, in her suggestive style, detailed how she partners her camera with the writer's pen; they have become her favourite pair. The fascinated audience, entertained by the author and her subject matter, extended the evening well into the night.


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