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Benka's Foundation Works for Slovenian Students
Ptuj, Slovenia, 18. march 2009

"The World in a Palm" is a project launched by Benka's foundation "Believe in Yourself & Kickstart the World". The goal was to supply internet accessible computers to the remote primary schools of Slovenia, thereby better connecting them with the world.

Benka kicked-off the campaign by auctioning some of the prints from her photographic exhibition Faces of the World. Among those purchasing her works were the President of Slovenia, Danilo Türk; Mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković; former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Zoran Thaler; legendary musician Tomaž Domicelj and many other well-known Slovenians.

Perutnina Ptuj Group, SRC, Si.Mobil, Županov sklad and Raiffeisen Bank were among the corporate sponsors supporting Benka in achieving her goal.

The grateful schools responded with thank-you notes and confirmation that all 31 computers will be placed in the school libraries or other open areas where students will have permanent access.

Benka is proud and delighted the project added a new step to the path out of poverty: "I still believe in supporting the kids with nothing else but knowledge." She is convinced that help is worthwile only to those who will one day be able and willing to help themselves.


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