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Primorska has Read and Made its Choice
Tolmin, Slovenia, 15. september 2008
This past summer, Ciril Kosmač Library in Tolmin launched the project "People of Primorska Read". Libraries from Ajdovščina, Idrija, Sežana and Izola joined the reading competition that is now entering its second year.

The overall aim of the project is to enhance the reading culture among the region's adults. As part of the program, participants may choose from an ample list of literary works. Due to their repeated selection, Benka’s latest book Pocestnica has risen to the top of the list. The warming and stimulating effect of her autobiography on the western part of this Alpine land has created waiting lists in participating libraries.

Primorska bookworms wanted Benka, above all authors, to visit their temples of reading. Therefore, from December 1st to 5th, the traveler will entertain audiences in the libraries at Ajdovščina, Izola, Sežana, Idrija and Tolmin.

Benka is honored for her bestseller to remain so openly accepted by the spirited western part of Slovenia one year after it was published. She is looking forward to meeting her admirers and sharing with them more of her incredible stories.


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