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Benka's Autobiography in Braille
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 30. july 2008
Benka's Pocestnica is overcoming all obstacles. The book has found its way to those 15,000 readers who have learned a different way of reading – through their fingertips.

Soon after the book was published, the Slovenian Association of the Societies for the Blind and Weak-Sighted created a CD audiobook, on which Benka's story is read by narrator Suzana Grau.

Now comes the news that Pocestnica has been written in Braille, thus making it available to an even wider circle of readers. The Library for the Blind and Weak-Sighted is now offering the bestseller in four volumes and is looking forward to new projects with the author.

Benka is especially honored by this achievement, as very few books are transcribed into Braille so soon after their first appearance on the market. She is ecstatic the book is allowing those who can't experience her photography to still be a part of the story.

All four volumes are proudly displayed on her personal bookshelf as well.


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