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Benka in Prison
Dob, Slovenia, 18. august 2008
Benka was invited to do some time with those sentenced to the largest Slovenian prison, Dob.

Even before entering the gates it was clear her presence wouldn't go unnoticed, as the prisoners in the exercise yard excitedly greeted her through the many high, wire fences.

Somewhat apprehensive at the beginning, Benka spoke about her travel experiences and motivated the crowd to follow her philosophy of thinking and acting in a positive manner. At the conclusion of her lecture, she commented on how rewarding it was to captivate a captive audience. She admitted looking forward to addressing similar audiences, and revealing to them the possibilities their lives still hold.

After spending two hours behind bars, Benka was released for good behavior and the riots begin. The prisoners filed a demand with the administration to have her back, to hear more of her motivational lectures about the positive sides of life.


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